More BLM money wasting

Like television evangelist…only with more melanin and more socialism…and supported and sensationalized by the Liberal Media.

I guess that when you have people (especially gullible white people) throwing money at you (or the organization that you get to use as your own personal piggy bank) then it must be tempting to spend that money (meant for helping Black Lives and improving the lot of Black people and reducing the incidences of police shooting and killingĀ  struggling and fleeing black suspects) on some sort of huge mansion and other sorts of stuff to show off your new found wealth….

Black Lives Matter secretly used $6 million in donations to buy a luxurious 6,500-square foot mansion with seven bedrooms and parking for 20 cars in Southern California in 2020….Black Lives Matter brass secretly used $6 million in donation money to buy a 6,500-square foot mansion in Southern California, it has been revealed
Emails show the firm wanted to keep the purchase secret, despite filming a video on the home’s patio in May
The news comes as the foundation faces federal scrutiny for alleged misuse of donated funds – and comes on heels of criticism of co-founder Patrisse Cullors
Cullors, 38, came under fire last year for a slew of high-profile property purchases. She resigned after facing backlash from critics and supporters.


Once again, we have yet another example of the BLM people ripping off their supporters and those whom they purported to help. Like a televangelist only more racial.

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