“It’s not about the money”

So the Sandy Hook families finally got (somehow, I’m not an attorney) a way to pull some money from Remington (Bushmaster) for the use of one of it’s (stolen) firearms in the Sandy Hook School shooting ….Somehow the misuse of a firearms is the fault of the manufacturer…..

73 million dollars….but it “isn’t about the money” but rather about punishing the Gun Companies..

I will believe that when , after the attorneys fees are paid, the remainder is given to charities and not taken by the “Families of the Victims” . It’s not like the kids were a part of the families income, so any monies paid are punitive in nature.





So does this mean that someone can sue GM if I steal a Corvette and run people over?  Seems that way to me…..

2 thoughts on ““It’s not about the money”

  1. It was actually the insurance companies that settled, NOT Remington.

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