4 thoughts on “Justin must be really skeered

  1. For the “Massa”, it is just one more piece of paper. Unless what passes for a government steps up, it is a meaningless excuse for thuggery by those who were “just following orders”.Like the US election in 2020, as long as the bought-and-paid-for just sit on their rumps, theory don’t mean nothing. I am waiting but not hopeful.

  2. sad day for canada. many of the truckers are staying put. okay so they arrest etc. the truckers, then what? who do they think is going to bring them food? the farmers joined the protest. lock them up! who do they think grows the damn food? checkmate, but they’re too stupid to see it. ….there is a u.s. truck convoy planned as we speak. i’ sure brandon will follow turdeau’s lead when it kicks off. best lay in more supplies folks. brandon will believe that gives him power to confiscate guns once and for all. he’s wrong. he’s too stupid to see what happened last time they tried that. american spring is coming. sic semper tyrannis mf’s.

  3. Truckers stop working (jailed by Trudeau, ramped-up protest, whatever), trucker no work, trucker no earn money, loan on truck no get paid, bank repossesses truck, trucker no have way to make money, trucker starve.

    That’s the usual threat, but….what are the banks going to do with a huge bunch of repossessed trucks? They would represent a large pile of “cash on the hoof” but who’s going to buy them so the bank gets its money back?

    It would not surprise me that, if things take the course Trudeau appears to want, that among other things the lenders adopt a position of patience, knowing that – eventually – something resembling Normalcy. will have to occur, and reasonably soon, or the country quickly grinds to a halt. Were that to happen Trudeau loses all leverage.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy……

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