If you are still in Ukraine

as a citizen of another country, and you didn’t leave a week or more ago then you are a fool. (And if you didn’t plan for leaving MONTHS ago, then you apparently aren’t paying attention…)

If you aren’t leaving RIGHT NOW, then you are an even bigger idiot. If you had not begun winding up your affairs in Ukraine a month or more ago, then too bad.

You should not expect “Rescue”. You should expect to be trapped like the rest of the Citizens of Ukraine. The difference is that they are already home. Most have nowhere else to go…….. you do, but are too stupid to go there.

Too Bad for you.

4 thoughts on “If you are still in Ukraine

  1. Do you think the Russians are coming? Oh nos, the Russians are coming! Shyea, right. Still listening to western media, I see. Ukraine is a distraction for something else somewhere else. You have to be able to “read between the lies”, so to speak.

    • I dunno if they are coming or not….But if you don’t have an exit strategy or haven’t already left, don’t whine to the US to come get your ass.

  2. Piss off grandpa hippie by posting some of their mighty fine antiwar posters from the 1960s.

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