Apparently a bank run in Canda

Folks are moving large sums and there is apparently a sudden shortage of Cash. ATMs are out….

Several major banks have suddenly gone offline.


Related to the Trudeau mess? I dunno. But strange.


As an aside, it you have the ability, keep a decent amount of cash at home or in another easily accessible secure place. Small(er) bills are better.


4 thoughts on “Apparently a bank run in Canda

  1. I ALSO recommend silver, either in coin or small bullion, and LEGAL TENDER BAR GOLD BULLION which is made by the Canadian Mint – they are 1OZ of gold that is broken into 1/10th ounce “packets” to be able to tender them appropriately when TSHTF!

    Goldline has them, FWIW – go take a look.

  2. Kinda hard to trade gold or silver if no one takes it in trade.
    You can’t go the local store and buy food with that 1/10 oz gold piece.
    Plus the 20% commission will devalue it greatly.
    You sound like Aesop, and we all know how well his predictions turn out.
    You may be correct, long term.
    Short term, local currency is best.

  3. I do not have any gold or silver coins. I am of the opinion that if shtf tangible items will be traded, and very few will accept gold or silver. I may be wrong.

  4. Silver and gold are good, but considerably less fungible than good old cash. And speaking of cash, it’s time to start hoarding it; I keep the bare minimum in the “bank” to meet necessary payments. And as for the occasional “account maintenance fee” I incur, that’s a cheap price to pay for not losing the entire amount to government action. See: Canada, 2022.

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