It takes guts

To not only admit you are wrong, but to change so that it doesn’t happen again.

Most people can (barely) do the first….Few can actually do the second. THat sort of personal growth is rare.




As we wind down from the past three years of Covid Panic, as the real numbers are revealed (not the ginned up statistics designed to induce fear and compliance) one has to wonder:

Will our Government (and the people that ARE the government) be able to do so in the aftermath of the insanity that was Covid?

One thought on “It takes guts

  1. So far they’re giving every indication that they will not.

    After all, per them, they weren’t wrong, only the “science has changed now” which is why they’re doing what everyone else said should have been done.

    On top of that, they’ll likely demand we thank them for it as they spin the tale that their atrocious and wrong decisions “saved lives” and helped end the pandemic.

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