Parts one through three are pretty good too

But you REALLY should read part 4.

Of course, in doing so you might be labelled an insurrectionist or something, but if you read this blog frequently you areĀ  probably already “on a list” so……

3 thoughts on “Parts one through three are pretty good too

  1. I quit counting how many lists I must be on. I figure it’s an advantage-they’ll all be arguing over who gets me, and it’ll take them so long to work it out I can die peacefully of old age.

  2. Cities in British Columbia faced another day of carrier convoys and rallies in harmony with protesters occupying downtown Ottawa in opposition to COVID-19 mandates on Saturday.

    Vancouver police said Saturday afternoon that hundreds of vehicles from a Reduce Mainland convoy had entered the downtown insides causing meaningful congestion.
    Lower Mainland demonstrators gathered in Langley more willingly than driving to downtown Vancouver in behalf of a summon at Robson and Burrard streets. The Vancouver Island convoy hand Campbell River early Saturday, with plans to acting a recuperation at the Victoria legislature.

    Theres not a mortal physically here interested in any issues other than our freedom. Unknown wants to bicker, no person wants to fight, nobody wants to defile anything, Langley convoy sharer Cliff Caron told News Canada in preference to hitting the road.

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