Odd coincidence….

So it would seem that Epstein’s French modelling agent friend Jean-Luc Brunel was found hung to death in prison….and, oddly enough, there are no cameras anywhere near his cell….In a Maximum security prison. Odd that,

I expect that in less than 6 months, Ghislaine Maxwell too will be so distraught that she too will hang herself. Sad ending, but there it is. Funny how that works, innit?

The thing is, someone with real power and pull must be behind this as the investigations just seem to fade away, as do the media stories. They go stale faster than a banana left on a porch in Phoenix….

It is like “Arkancide” but with an international reach.

Someone, somewhere, with lots of power, is scared of what truths these folks might tell.

I’m gonna say it here….before it happens:. Ms Maxwell did not kill herself.

(If she is smart, she has a lot of people with copies of her memoirs ready to send them to lots of media outlets if she should die suddenly)….But possession of that data might lead to other sudden deaths.


4 thoughts on “Odd coincidence….

  1. The easy way would be to publish ALL the papers/etc/ she has…

    • If anyone would do so….
      Remember, we still haven’t seen the other 8 names (from her last court appearance) in the media. They (the media) have been strangely silent on who the other defendants besides Andrew were….

  2. Maxwell should have stood up and shouted as many names as she could before they tackled her. She needs to tell it..

    Odd coincidence, Indeed,, actually took longer than I expected

  3. that was neither odd, nor a coincidence. it was arkanocide though. hillary is back, and she has to keep bill out of prison.

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