Teeeeny,Teeny, tiny targets

So I let myself be cajoled into trying the annual teeny target match at the range on Saturday. Apparently it has become a tradition over the past 10 or so years and I just heard about it.

Rimfire rifles only, 50 feet, indoors. Unlimited time. from a rest… Oddball homemade targets (by the organizer). Prizes were only bragging rights.

‘Twas fun and challenging… I chose the Non-Ruger RWB 10-22  for the competition as it is the only rifle I have that has a scope that will focus at 50 feet…the other rimfire rifles I have won’t focus that close….and the targets they use would be hard to see well enough for proper aiming at 50 feet without an optic. I shot the sportsman class, with a forend rest that I use for sighting in rifles and a sandbag for a rear rest. Others used lead sleds and other such devices and really expensive rifles and optics….. The largest target that they had used scoring points that were 3/8 of an inch across…the other 2 were smaller than that…down to 1/10 inch. Other classes had toothpicks as targets…. They had to be cleanly broken to score.  And then, for fun, we had a series of 10 staples that had to be hit in case there were ties on the regular targets. (Oddly, I scored 9 out of 10 on the staples)

2 strings, one morning, one afternoon, with lunch and some raffles and such in between. Lunch was excellent: pulled pork shoulder sandwiches. They even brought turkey sandwiches for the 2 jewish shooters.

Lemme tellya, these fuckers I was shooting with were GOOD.

I came in 6th in my class, with an overall score of 95.7%. It was challenging and fun, if totally useless and non sanctioned. I’ll probably do it again next year.



4 thoughts on “Teeeeny,Teeny, tiny targets

  1. It IS amazing how accurate a .22 can be, and some folks are just flat GOOD with then.

    • Dude, these bastards can SHOOT….they are really good.
      I mean, I’m no slouch but damn!
      And 95.7 was for the easy, “Sportsmen” class. The “Expert” class folks shot much better than that.
      It was nice to challenge myself though.

  2. My daughter used to shoot shotgun hulls at 100 yards with a bone stock Ruger 10/22 and an old Simmons 4x scope. This was off a bag.

    I’ve always been told women make the best snipers when allowed.

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