So far, it is a non-event

So someone I know actually has a confirmed case of Covid.

A friend, she’s a pilot, a flight instructor and is pretty acitve in her church…she interacts with a LOT of people…

And she has Covid.

29 years old, healthy, no “co morbidites”….so far it has been described (by her) as a “Bad Cold only with the loss of smell and taste”.

As she put it “I am not dying”.

Pretty much the only person I know well who has had an actual case so far. I wish her well. Her Mom and sister have it as well, and are having few issues. Her dad has so far tested negative. None of her students have it, and we had not interacted for several days before her onset of symptoms, so I should be in the clear.

But so far, this has been a non event.


4 thoughts on “So far, it is a non-event

  1. We’ve had a couple of folks with it, only one was hospitalized. All have recovered.

  2. The “healthy” seem to ride out the Kung Flu relatively well. Those with untreated medical comorbidities [high blood pressure, high blood sugar (Type-II Diabetes), obesity, immune suppression due to therapy for cancer, transplant, implants,etc] are at greatest risk of “adverse outcomes” (i.e. death). To paraphrase, “Treat’em if you got’em”. In 2020, as I recall, 95+% of the COVID deaths in Chicago were in people with one or more comorbidities (see: “”). Talk to your physician, or get one.
    The vaccinations seem to have short term risks and may trigger autoimmune disease in the long term. There are absolutely no long term studies on the safety of the new vaccine technology.

    At the USPS, during the Obama years, they forced many retirements to make space for their “pets”. Now the vaccines are being forced on productive useful employees. Congress, vaccine supplier employees, illegal aliens, welfare recipients, etc are exempt. Makes me wonder if it is part of the same program. If employees are given disabilities due to vaccine-triggered autoimmune disease, that makes room for more of their “pets”.

    Treat’em if you got’em. Talk to your physician.

  3. I know of a few people who got the Kung Flu. Two were hospitalized for about two weeks; one with diabetes, obesity, and kidney failure, and the other a senior with high blood pressure and taking immune-system zapping drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m 61 years old. I got …SOMETHING… at the beginning of 2020. Given the symptoms I’m assuming it was COVID, but the cool kids weren’t bloviating about it in the media yet, so for me it was “a bad cold.” It zapped me for about two days. It took about a month to get my stamina back. That was it.

    On the flipside, until the COVID “vaccine” made its appearance, I had never known anyone who had an adverse reaction to ANY vaccine. I had never even known anyone who KNEW anyone who had suffered from a vaccine. I now know three people who’ve had bad things happen to them after the jab. One almost lost his right arm due to a blood clot after the first dose of the Pfizer concoction. Needless to say, I have NO INTENTION of allowing anyone to put that stuff into my person!

    Funny how Biteme exempted Congress and illegal aliens from the jab; almost like there’s a plan to repopulate the country with undereducated, easy to steer sheep…

  4. wife and i had it two weeks ago. oddly the only contact prior was a baby b-day party where everybody else was vaxxed, healthcare workers mostly. anyway, we took ivermectin as soon as we realized something was up. three days later mine was gone, hers held on a couple more but she has a persistent cough. dr. said she’s over the coof, just drainage now.

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