NBC news just admitted (actually stated) that it appears that most “smash and grab” robberies in large cities are perpetrated by groups appearing to be composed of “Mostly African-Americans”….Their words on National TV News.

Wow. That is actually a big deal.

Admitting the issue is the start to fixing it.


2 thoughts on “amazing

  1. Oh, Stop! Compton [California] is the model. That ~100% Black desolation was the space for new Hispanic colonists. The Black looting elsewhere is just clearing the ground for the new colonists. The Democrats have been importing all those Illegals for a reason. Jailing the Black Ghetto people is expensive. Letting the new Hispanics drive them out of the colony and into your neighborhood is much cheaper. Plus the hated Whites then have to deal with the Ghetto refugees. What did you think that the push for “affordable [Ghetto Ready] housing was all about? The Rittenhouse persecution was a clear message of what they will do to you if you dare to defend yourself or your family from the Ghetto refugees.

  2. I recommend the deployment of live ammo by law enforcement. Anything less will not result in a cessation of these looting activities. Respectfully submitted.

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