Almost as fast as it looks

So, after a bit of learning about power settings and trim settings and such, I have mostly learned how to set the 340 up for fast cruise flight without wasting a lot of fuel.

She’s still thirsty on the climb, and at max continuous power, but cruise numbers are not that bad (it isn’t however, an economical aircraft to fly….)


Cruise numbers at 15,000 ft are: 178 knots, 28 GPH, 197 knots, 32 GPH, and 209 knots 36 GPH. Climb is 48 GPH.

Balls-out, up high, it can do 227 Knots, if you can pay the fuel bill.

But it carries 6 people for at least 3 1/2 hours (with reserve) or more people with lesser range… fair comfort.  Or fewer people (like 3 or two) for as much as 5 hours in economy cruise.

Pretty much the magic number is 800 lbs of people or cargo for 800 nautical miles.

It has the R-STOL flaps, so it you do things right, you can get in the air and clear a 50 foot obstacle at half load and half fuel in less than 600 feet, and at max gross in less than 1400 ft.  Short Field land at max gross at 72 knots and theoretically stop in less than 1800 feet….(I still need some practice for that short of landings, but those are the numbers and the dude I bought the plane from did it with me in the cockpit, so I know it is just practice)

It needs some polish on the paint, and a few other touches, but I’m happy.

Installing the bar next week. 

Gonna go places soon.


ETA: I’m not sure why the photos are such low resolution….they were taken with a 12 MP camera, and they show up really crisp and clear on my computer before posting. Once posted though, they show up really grainy. 

Must be a WordPress issue

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  1. Congrats, looks awesome and those are some impressive stats. As to the images, the plane is so fast it is even blurry on the ground!

  2. Sweet! And yes, practice will get you there. Sounds like there were some mods done to make her handle a little better!

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