The Media is now warning us that the threat of Flu is a big one, when added to the threat of Covid..

30-50 THOUSAND deaths from flu is the normal yearly number…..400,000 hospitalizations.

This “double Whammy” could cause havoc in the coming months, as far as the Health Care System is concerned.

Yet last year, 2020, there were essentially zero reported Flu deaths.

Odd, that.


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  1. The MSM is doing their part to keep us from focusing on Biden’s mental deficiencies, his family’s corruption, and his son’s drug problems and all the scandals that go along with it. They’re also covering for all the Clinton scandals and Obama’s unearned wealth as he sells the U S down the drain. They don’t want us asking any questions about Pelosi’s hundreds of millions accumulated while in office. And VP Harris? God forbid any of her scandals see sunshine. The stolen election? It’s only a matter of time before there’s explosion of evidence released. So keep worrying about the flu.

  2. They’re already planning on what to do when they surpass “The Omega Variant…”

  3. Sigh… ridiculous… We’ve been down this road for years.

  4. and funny that adjusted for population rise the total death rate remained essentially the same as well.

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