Have you noticed?

In my AO, the number of Biden-Harris bumper stickers and yard signs and such have suddenly declined….greatly…and rapidly.

Like there are nearly zero to be found.

And this is a “purple” county…..

It’s almost as if folks are suddenly ashamed of admitting that they voted for the senile, groping imbecile.

I guess all those “Mean Tweets” pale in comparison to incompetence.


5 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. A bumper sticker seen on a car… mine, actually…

    “Miss Trump yet?…”

  2. Same thing down here… one car I see on a regular basis that had THREE Biden/Harris was ‘clean’ this morning.

  3. still a few diehard lib, but many more trump signs still up, and stickers. i run among others a sticker that says “stolen elections have consequences”. my fav though is ” governor northam can kiss my rebel ass”. people are pissed, even little old ladies are talking about it. you done messed up when you lose the little ol ladies.

  4. Little old ladies are a great bellwether. When I sang in the church choir I knew I’d nailed a solo when the old ladies cried. They were also the ones who had those hollowed out evil eyes if you said something wrong though… YEEESH! Yup. Don’t piss off the old folk!

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