A sad, sad, thing

So last night, at a special meeting, we terminated the membership of a member of my shooting club due to repeated serious safety and other rule violations. I had the distinctly unpleasant duty to preside over the meeting as the President was one of his accusers.

Dude knew he was “on trial”, and yet he was uncooperative, arrogant, and disrespectful of the other members. Unapologetic and unrepentant

At the start of the meeting, it was not assured that he was gonna be terminated, but his refusal to acknowledge that he had violated multiple rules multiple times and show any reason for the rest of us to believe that he would not continue to do so in the future led to his expulsion.

His main defense? “I am a paying member, I can do what I want….and any restrictions on my behavior are restrictions on the Second Amendment.”.

What does one do when a member refuses to adhere to basic safety rules, or simple rules of behavior that are in place for the benefit of all range members?

The vote was 54 to terminate his membership, zero for retention, with 3 abstentions.

As the saying goes, few people have talked themselves out of traffic ticket, but many have talked themselves into one.


3 thoughts on “A sad, sad, thing

  1. It’s unfortunate that these things happen, but it would be more unfortunate if someone was hurt or killed by his actions. You and the others did the correct thing by expelling him. I would say that there was no other choice. I manage the trap range at one of my clubs and had the unpleasant experience of having to ban one of our members from the trap range for a number of safety violations. Normally I am pretty easy going and welcoming to members and nonmembers alike and nicely point out any inadvertent breaches, however not only was this person banned, but also got a serious and profanity laden ass chewing…….

  2. Regrettable after a fashion, and not, he brought this on himself.

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