and the cops didn’t shoot any

100 people on the South Side shot

18 died.

And yet….Black Lives Matter.

But only when a white cop kills a black man who is fighting him or fleeing or trying to shoot the cops. Then it matters.

But the rest of ’em? Nah, it doesn’t matter when it is black people shooting into crowds of other black people.  Then it is the “Scourge of Gun Violence”.


5 thoughts on “and the cops didn’t shoot any

  1. as long as it’s blacks shooting blacks who cares. they bitch all the time about how racist this country is without taking any responsibility of what they’ve done. white’s in America have wasted trillions of dollars to help blacks and what do we have to show for it. it’s time the majority told the minority to fend for them selves.

    • I care, I’d like to see it stop. Black, white, whatever. I just dislike the dishonesty claiming that white cops are the problem.

  2. Notice how race of the shooter/shootees in such cases doesn’t come up in these situations, only a call to end “gun violence” (as if the shooters have no agency and it’s all an inanimate object’s fault) and for more gun control.

    Rather curious, especially when they otherwise inject race into every other political and social matter anywhere and anytime, now isn’t it?

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