You gotta wonder:

Those dudes, the “Moors” in Massachusetts?

Were they trying to get caught by the police? I mean, they did a refueling stop on a main thoroughfare… full tactical gear. In sight of everyone…not on a side road or an out of the way parking lot.  Almost as if they wanted to be caught or attract attention. Didn’t make a stop at a gas station wearing jeans and a t-shirt either. Even a large group of black men in a totally white neighborhood would not have stood out as much as a bunch of armed men wearing “tactical” gear on the side of a major road.

Lots of comments (by racist liberals looking for racism) on the fact that the cops didn’t shoot them so they must have been white……..I mean, lots of folks were sure that these folks had to be white simply because there was no gunfire by the cops… if there would have been a predilection to start shooting because they were black, rather than white. Story is that it was ONE cop, who questioned the oddity of armed men wearing tactical gear refueling the vans by the side of the road…..and then the men in question ran into some woods. Other cops were, of course, then called.

One wonders if that group of men had a Fed or three in their membership…perhaps one (or more) who made a phone call so that the police response was such that the folks in the van had time to surrender peacefully. Perhaps he didn’t want the idiots to be shot, or have cops get hurt. (Chances are, like most “militia” groups, there were several agents already in the group. Likely, as in the past, these were the most vociferous members of a relatively harmless bunch of hapless idiots…)

Either way, I find it hard to believe that they were trying to be covert.

2 thoughts on “You gotta wonder:

  1. if white the media would still be screaming “white racist supremists!” at the top of every hour. crickets, that’s how i knew they were black.

  2. Did you notice the the media got no good identifying pics of the Militia members? Maybe there were some U/C folks involved.

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