How come THIS TIME it is a “hate Crime”?

Seems that a statue of Martin Luther King was “vandalized with paint and Nazi Graffitti”.


Gee, where were the Hate Crime invetigators when last year statues of Washington and Jefferson and Columbus and Nathan Beford Forrest and others were not only vanfdalized, but torn down and smashed? Tossed into river and such…

How come easily removed paint is worthy of a Hate Crime investigation while actual physical destruction was not?

Look: Smashing a statue is bad. Spray painting it is also bad. Random destruction, be it for no reason or for protest is bad. Don’t do it.

And when all those LIberal fols whine about the paint on their precious statue of their civil rights hero, I say”You folks started this…Be glad the other side isn’t smashing or blowing up you statues”.

Paint is easily cleaned.  Having to recast the bronze is a lot harder.

Remember this next time when you start tearing down symbols in a paoxysm of hate. Escalation might not be good to your side.

2 thoughts on “How come THIS TIME it is a “hate Crime”?

  1. sad that they don’t study history, or anything else. they would do well to learn what happens when white guys get pissed. our on-switch is slow to move but we have no off-switch.

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