Naming the Killer:

Seems that there is positive identification (this time) of the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt (who was unarmed, as it appears all the people in the hallway were)  in the Capitol on Jan 6th, 2021.

Note that this was the only shooting. The protesters didn’t shoot anyone (nor did they beat anyone with a fire extinguisher, dspite the early reports, later proved flase, but repeated by the Liberals (with a hysterical catch in their voice) even today)…but the Capitol Police did so, on video, and clearly not a good shoot…..If this shooting were held to to the same standards that regular community police are held, there would be homicide charges…

But it does appear that this person, A Lt Byrd, is the dude….and he is most obviously of a Protected Class…And the Capitol Poloce are protecting him…

4 thoughts on “Naming the Killer:

    • Ashli’s family is suing both the Capital Police Department and various members of the CPB, including Lt. LostmyGun.

      They’re asking for really big huge giant bucks.

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