So how many of you have heard about

The militia group that was stopped in Massechusetts by state troopers? 

And how many heard that it led to a standoff that lasted over 11 hours? That led to an order for people for miles around to Shelter in Place?

And how many of you heard that is militia was composed entirely of black men?



If there had been a group of white men, dressed in tactical gear, carrying rifles and other military style gear, on their way to “training” had been stopped by police and begun a standoff, we’d STILL be hearing about it.

The Media would be going on and on about “White Nationalists” and the “terroristic threat” …we’d be hearing how they were racist, and White Supremacists and how they were a danger to the public and needed to be stopped. The leftists would be discussing Nazis and other such folderol.

Instead, the media, once it found out that it was black people, simply dropped the story. (although some tried to imply, via photos, that it was white nationalist nazi confederates)

Look, I don;t know if these men were a danger or not. Nor do I know if they broke real laws. I have no idea what they were doing, and I really don’t care as long as they weren’t planning on hurting anyone…. I feel that everyone has the right to carry weapons and do what they choose , as long as no laws are broken. But the coverage (or lack thereof) compared to white militia type groups is very different.

Why is that?


ETA: If the police were so racist and trigger happy, then why didn’t they shoot the (black) folks carrying firearms?

Must be something wrong here…..

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    • Nope, you miss my point. Perhaps take off those racist glasses and try rereading.

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