Ratcheting it tigher….

So, oddly, desite never a single allegation for (literally) YEARS, all of a sudden there are TWO MORE women who have come forward to tell of their terrible treatment at the hands of Mr Cuomo…..


Odd, innit, how all these women just appear once he is no longer the darling of the Left? And how when he refuses to step down, even more women add their voices to the shrill calls for him to resign…..Where were they last wekk or last month or even 3 or 4  or 6 months ago?

The credibility is lacking…

4 thoughts on “Ratcheting it tigher….

  1. Find myself not in agreement. It is EASY to expect women victimized in this way to keep quiet IF they believe that they will be ALONE, ostracized, and targeted for retaliation for a time before being given a poor performance evaluation or two ( which will follow her the rest of her days ) that will keep her from EVER holding a position reflective of her ability. Should I go on? Things change when that first one takes a chance on being believed, and instead of being chided out of town, a small crack opens, AND another, and another, and then more of the predator’s victims come forward, because they have discovered that they ARE NOT alone in having been targeted by this creep who frankly has NO business in ANY position of authority ( IMHO) , and who SHOULD get demotions and be stripped of status and position in society. I somehow doubt he could be trained to write code.

  2. When you have the # MEETWO crowd going after you, it puts murdering 15,000 expensive old people on the back burner. And if people forget about that for the pervyness- it’s a win for Cuomo and the DNC.

  3. Minor quibble.

    One of the accusers, Charlotte Bennett, filed a complaint through proper channels in June of 2020. Unfortunately, Cuomo’s office failed to follow guidelines set out by Cuomo’s own executive order from 2018, and the complaint was buried.

    So it only appears that she is coming out now with the others.


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