All the claims and worries

On the Sunday Morning Propaganda Media about “Right WIng Extremists: that “Resort to Violence”….all because of one incident at the Capitol….

Yet where was the outcry about the Left Wing Extremists that resorted to violence during all the “Mostly Peaceful Protests” for most of 2019 and 2020?

The claim is that the Right Wing folks were “organized”….Just what do you think those folks did at the “Mostly Peaceful Protests”? From the organization of the marches, to the piles of brick delivered to street corners the day of the protests (that no one investigated…who paid for them? )… What about the “Antifa” folks that show up and burn things down in larger cities (especially on the West Coast) that have medical and food stations? Where does that organization and funding come fromĀ  Odd how they fail to mention that, innit?

The fear of Right Wing extremists is somewhat valid, but there has so far been ONE incident, and that was poorly organized, at best. If the Media and the Government were really concerned about organized extremists, they’d be investigating both sides, rather than just one.

Of course, one kind of “extremist” is useful to the Left, the other side is feared by it.

But the Sunday Morning Popaganda folks fail to be evenhanded…they, after all, have an agenda.

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  1. not just showed up, but were bussed in on private greyhounds. dozens of 100k $$ busses.

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