Have you noticed?

Bubba Wallace, of Nascar Noose fame, who has a new team, formed by Michael Jordan so that a Black Driver could coninue to race (he was toxic for most other teams after the “noose (that wasn’t) incident”) has a majority of…..white men as team members. Mechanics, pit crew, etc….all white. One might have thought that a team where the prinicpal owner is black, and the driver is black, might employ at least a token black team member or two…..

The hypocricy is strong here.

3 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. They tried an all black pit crew once. Come race day, the wheels and the radio were missing from the car…

  2. Perhaps they are doing it this way for 2 reasons.

    1. They want the car to run.

    2. A black driver now has a white crew serving him.

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