Funny how things are changing now that the election is over, innit?

Now, Fauci is considering (along with the CDC) a change from the arbitrary (and randomly chosen) 6 foot rule….might become three feet….for the nation, not just Chicago and Maryland schools. So much for the “experts” who ahve forced so many changes and rules upon our society.

Remember, the 6 foot rule was simply an arbitrary distance the a bunch of folks in Europe chose with no data backing that decision….(actually two meters).

So now we find, that just like masks (they work/they don’t work/now they work again/you really should use 2 masks/now it’s 3 masks/etc) there is no real science behind any of these arbirarily chose “rules”…and when it is convenient or policially expedient, the “Experts” simply change the rules.

Funny how all this “new data” showed up a month or so after the election, innit? And odd how it is just now being disseminated.

If they ahd told the truth in October, it’d be President Trump. Bet on it. INstead, we will have Preident Kamala very soon.


3 thoughts on “Funny how things are changing now that the election is over, innit?

  1. It didn’t just show up. It was a 16-week study. Here’s the details:

    It’s how good science works. An issue is studied and tested and experimented and we gain knowledge.

    We’ve had the opportunity to study this virus for over a year now, so it shouldn’t be surprising that we know a lot more about it than we did last year at this time.

    Next year we’ll know a shit-ton more. If we’re willing to pay attention.


  2. And yet, you fail to address the fact that the original 6 foot distance was chosen arbitrarily.

    Nor have you addressed the outright changes in mask policy.

    The “experts” are either making this up as they go along or are stating what the politicians tell them to.

    • I’ll start with the mask policy.

      There haven’t been “changes” ( as in multiple). There has been one change early on. Since April of 2020, the majority of the experts have been very consistent. Wear masks! N95s are best; multiple layers are better; bandannas and neck sleeves are least effective, but they all work to some extent. Are they perfect? No, but when used in conjunction with social distancing, they are effective.

      Which leads us to the six-foot distance. I have know idea how the experts came up with this, but the studies of masks show six-feet to be a really good choice (we could revisit the article which you cited last summer that eventually became a strong defense of mask-wearing and the six-foot distance, the one with the link that changed). Now, as the study I cited points out, three-feet of distance might be good enough in school settings if other precautions are taken.

      You have used the one change in mask policy from late March of 2020 (don’t wear masks, wait wear masks) to suggest that the overall coronavirus policy has been wildly inconsistent, which just isn’t true.

      The only problem with the experts is that they don’t fit into your narrative.


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