So they lied:

Seems that the audio of the Trump call to the Lead Elections Investigator refutes what the Democrats and the Media (but I repeat myself) claimed he said…..

The newspaper’s supposedly eye-opening “scoop” has since been updated to include a 130-word editor’s note, which reads:

Correction: Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator. The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source. Trump did not tell the investigator to “find the fraud” or say she would be “a national hero” if she did so. Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, Ga., asserting she would find “dishonesty” there. He also told her that she had “the most important job in the country right now.” A story about the recording can be found here. The headline and text of this story have been corrected to remove quotes misattributed to Trump.


One might think that Donald Trump has a case for Defamation here. Plus, of course, this “misrepresentation” (I.E. Lie) ofwhat ws said was a significant part of the case for Impeaching DOnald Trum (the second time) by Nancy Pelosi and her minions….We , the Taxpayers, should be reimbursed for the expenses for that.