Hurricane Beryl:

Innit interesting that EVERY SINGLE meteorologist is saying the exact same thing:


“Hurricane Beryl is a category 4 hurricane…very strong BECAUSE IT IS FUELED BY THE WARM WATER caused by Man Made Climate Change.”

Every. Single. Time.

Of course, the water temperature is not record setting, nor is the strength (high cat 4) of the hurricane a record, nor the “early” arrival.  None of it is a record nor precedent setting.

Makes you wonder who is writing their scripts…..


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Beryl:

  1. Of course, were it “natural” global warming, it would OF COURSE! be less intense, later in the year, and would be dropping rainbows, skittle sand unicorn farts, instead of the ZOMG! LEBENTY! DESTRUCTION! that it will be leaving in it’s wake, due, entirely, to Manmade GW (and, of course, Trump, because Orange Man Bad).

  2. same ones that wrote the script for the morning after the debate. otherwise it would have been “the greatest debate in history”. i guess they figure all us old guys died of covid and don’t remember the hot years in the late seventies, early 80’s. unprecedented, they say. i say hog-swallow.

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