I can’t wait:

Like Donald Trump only with a “D” after his name….will they go after him like they piled onto DJT?


“the perma-tanned Californian is an undeniably oleaginous and sleazy character whose playboy past includes more than its fair share of infidelity, alcohol abuse and questionable business behavior.”


“For all his outward bonhomie, energy and apparently boundless human compassion, insiders say Newsom is insular and prickly, his undoubted charisma only skin-deep.”

Yeah, They are talking about Gavin Newsome. the suggested replacement for the addle-pated current Democratic hopeful for President.

Apparently he is even WORSE that the terrible things the DNC types are saying about Trump.


3 thoughts on “I can’t wait:

  1. I’m one of MILLIONS of Conservatives living in California who has been victim to Newsom’s brand of “leadership.” All Trump would need to do would be to run commercial spots with no words, just montages of videos of California before and after Newsom. On top of that, Newsom has forced HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people to move out of this once beautiful state. In doing so he created an ARMY of missionaries preaching “You do NOT want this guy running America!” to the residents of the states they’re living in now.

    Let me start, as someone “behind enemy lines” in California: You do NOT want Newsom running America!!!!!!!!!

  2. I suspect Grabem Nuisance is the commie of choice to replace Pedo Joe. And since he’s part of the commie left, his character….or lack thereof…is irrelevant. Being a relative of Nancy PeeLousy gives him an edge. She has dirt on most of leftists in power so she can apply pressure on them. Whitmer is a possibility as a replacement but less likely. I still suspect Pedo Joe will be the candidate on the ballot if he doesn’t die first. Once installed they can then Amendment 25 him if necessary. Expect political shenanigans like never before seen over the next few months.

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