Lying liars

So the CBS morning show is now doing a piece on election integrity and issues with the fact that there has been high turnover of election officials that might (maybe, possibly) result in “errors” in ballot counting and ballot integrity.


This just cannot be: We were told last election cycle that there was no issues, in any way as regards the elections. That the systems were in place to ensure that ballot integrity was perfect, that the counts were perfect, and that there was not, and never had been, any issues. That we, as the voters, could count on the votes as sacrosanct and 100% perfect.

Until of course, it looks like the Dems might be losing, then things changed, funny that.

2 thoughts on “Lying liars

  1. gota get rid of the machines and mail-in ballots. election boards need to rotate, have all parties. our district is 90% white republican but our election board is 90% black democrat. last year “we” elected a dem state senator.

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