Hunter Biden found guilty on all charges.


I guess the Left is done with Joe Biden. They let this go to trial, and they let this verdict happen, so I guess that they have decided Slow Joe is no longer defensible and worth supporting.

At least for once, justice happened. If this had been you, or me, we’d already have been in jail…..Two tiered justice as long as the Left thinks they need you or a family member.

See also: Trump for what happens when the Left thinks they can go after you and need to silence you.



6 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. The Left threw Hunter under the bus because he was a political liability. This was a DISTRACTION. Look for a presidential pardon AFTER the election…

    There was no tie-in between Joe and his crackhead son on this charge. All this has done is to declare open season on presidents’ relatives. In true Mafia fashion, they’re saying “We won’t go after YOU. We’ll go after your FAMILY!” “They” shoulda stuck with the crimes committed by both father AND son, but they didn’t touch them… Very telling of the depth of the swamp…

  2. I think the left plays a “long game”.
    They put Trump on trial so as to get the title “convicted felon”. Now they can say, “see we don’t have a two part justice system; even one of ours got convicted “.
    Hunter was set up as the patsy.

  3. Political theatrics. Either he’s being scapegoated or they will simply have the White House…..good old dad….pardon him. After the election of course.

  4. You forgot that they let the Statute of Limitations run out on Hunters other crimes.
    His not registering as a foreign rep and his taxes and others I can’t remember right now…

    AND except for an astute Judge (who wasn’t a Socialist) would have had complete immunity from all charges with that BS plea deal.

    On the other hand- FJB’s DoJ turned a misdemeanor bookkeeping thing into a Federal offense because the Statute of Limitations ran out.

    • no, I haven’t forgotten any of it. But they let him off and there is nothing I can do about it except be glad that he was found guilty of SOMETHING.

  5. Guilty. So what. Trump will get a stiffer sentence for made up crimes than FJB’s spawn for actual crimes (although to get him off, some guns laws may change)

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