Klimat Change?

So the past few days have beenĀ  unseasonably cool….like 15-20 degreed F cooler that “Normal”.

Yet do we hear anyone clamoring about Climate Change? Glowbal Cooling? Any of that bullshit? Is there a 2 10 minute segment on the news for this like there is when it is 10 degrees hotter (f) than “normal”? Are meteorologists telling us all about the “Cool Bowl” or any of that other folderol?

Nope, When it is cooler, it’s just “weather”. Odd, innit?

2 thoughts on “Klimat Change?

  1. Man made climate change causes “hot,dry,wet,cold”, so it applies to every weather condition….
    Seems to be a rather cool summer where I am so far………….

  2. the weather manipulator pilots took a vacation. flights resume today. super hot (summer) warming (weather) due in next week. mid 90’s for a while.

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