Yeah, Like changing the name will help

Baden-Powell and W.D Boyce could not be reached for comment….but I think they’d not approve.

Boy Scouts of America changes name after 114 years to ‘boost inclusion’

The fact is that Boy Scouts of America is failing because it has succumbed to the Woke agenda, and earlier, allowed itself to be subverted by homosexual men. .”Inclusion” is not what is needed here. Standing for something is.

It’s no longer an organization where men and older boys chart a path for, and educate and guide boys on the journey to manhood. Giving them a moral compass and a better sense of right and wrong.

Changing the name won’t fix the issues. Making it “More Inclusive”
won’t fix the problem.

Boy Scouts will die. Fade away into nothing in the next 10 years or so.

They lost their way in the late ’90’s when they allowed gay men to be scoutmasters, they then faded a bit more when they allowed openly gay boys to be scouts, and catered to their needs at the expense of straight boys. and capitulated entirely to the Gay agenda in the early teens.

Nothing can fix that, really.

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  1. The mrs. And I got i to a rather heated argument about this very subject over the weekend. The daughter of someone we know contacted us, asking for a bit of help for her Eagle Scout project. I told the wife that there was no way I would be lending the kid any assistance and this precipitated the fight.
    She gave me a mealy-mouthed explanation as to why the girls joined and it was because there are a number of girls who wanted more than the girls scouts offered and the moms running the show were too much Suzie homemaker for them.
    I told her that you replace the Suzie homemaker types with mothers who are willing to get their hands dirty – like this girls mother – you don’t demand that the girls be allowed to hang with the boys and invade what was a program to cultivate them as future young men and leaders in their communities. She wouldn’t hear of it. God knows why.

  2. When all of the turning over of the principles of Boy Scouts. I returned to national headquarters my Life rank badge and all my merit badges, my Order of the Arrow patch and sash and other awards I had received and requested quite strongly they remove my name from their roles and that I was ashamed and furious they ruined a valuable and productive time of my life and that I would not have anything to do with boy scouting or ever donate my time or money to them. All I got back was a form letter saying they were sorry to see me go… gay fuckers!

    • You got a form letter because they’re so busy dealing with exactly this sort of package, I suspect. If I still had all that crap, I’d be doing the same thing.

      I made it all the way to the exalted level of Second Class before I figured out one of the assistants was trying to get into my pants. I refused to go to another meeting once I understood what was up. Ticked my parents off no end. The troop was sponsored by our church and it would make us look bad.

      I was smart enough to be unconcerned and to stand my ground. I never did tell them the truth about why I quit.

  3. I think ten years until the BSA drops dead is HIGHLY optimistic. BSA was already bleeding red ink after allowing Sodomites to take leadership roles in the organization. This name change will only act as an accelerant in its demise.

    Anyone who wonders how “secret societies” like the Masons started need look no further than to what’s happening to the BOY Scouts. Men with functional moral compasses faced the same kind of thing before, and went underground. I see the same thing happening with boys to fill the hole left by the gutting of the BSA. Notice, however, that Congress is chewing on a bill that would outlaw “militias.” Look up the bill and read its wording, which would outlaw ANY “paramilitary” organization. The way the bill is written, the former BSA would be considered a “militia,” given its command structure and uniforms. Also notice how the bill, if signed into law, would outlaw that which is PROTECTED by our Constitution… Funny how that’s happening more and more often…

  4. MacGuyver: “Look up the bill and read its wording, which would outlaw ANY “paramilitary” organization”

    I’m confident that YOU know, but wonder if “our betters” know, that, simply for one example, that any fire department is “para military”.

    (spit) fools.

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