Why would anyone expect Israel to in any way accept a treaty or other agreement with Hamas?


Firstly, they are Palestinians, one cannot accept the word of a person from that region …, if one has any intelligence. .History has shown that they will break the treaty when it is convenient. Every time.

Secondly…..The State Of Israel DID NOT START THIS….Hamas did. If they want peace, they can have it. They could have had it months ago. Only now, as they find themselves in a position where they need to rearm and reprovision and restaff do they offer a half-assed “Phased” agreement.

Were I Israel, I’d agree to a cease-fire only after each and every single hostage is returned. If they are dead, then at a minimum, the remains.

Only then would I begin discussing anything. Until then I’d continue attacking.

Hamas thinks they can negotiate…but they started this, they have no position from which to negotiate. Outside international pressure means nothing, not anymore. We’ve seen this pattern before. So has Israel. No one cares, really.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. What I dont understand is why Israel has significantly slowed their attacks. If they truly intend to wipe out Hamas they need to attack and keep attacking until they run out of bullets or members of Hamas. They know Hamas cant be trusted. So, remind the US and others they ( the US and the ” allies”) have had an unconditional surrender policy as recently as 1945 and then Finish this damned war !

  2. Mexas: Israel has slowed its attacks due to Biden and his administration’s pressure on them and for no other reason.

    Biden and Blinken should quit trying to bail Hamas out and let the Israelis finish the job. Leaving Hamas intact and able to rebuild will cause nothing but more terrorism and more lives lost in the future.

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