So when’s the trial for Joe?

I mean, according to the Leftist Media, the trial taking place in New York (and coincidentally, I am sure) keeping Trump off the Campaign trail) is all about Trump “trying to hide the Stormy Daniels case to keep him from looking bad before the 2020 election”….

I mean, then since that is now, apparently, a crime,¬† Are we gonna charge and try Joe Biden with the same crime for hiding the misdeeds of his son, Hunter before the election, which would have greatly affected his chances for re-election…..Isn’t that also “Election Interference”?

How about the FBI for doing the same by failing to investigate Hunter despite a gret deal of evidence until they had no choice (after the election was over, of course)….Is not hiding the fact that Hunter was using his father for influence peddling with Ukraine and China and other firms around the world also “Election Interference” using the same definition they are using for Trump?

Isn’t the Media playing the same game also a crime, then? I mean, one-sided reporting, Hiding Joe Biden’s obvious senescence¬† and dementia and cognitive decline also most obviously¬† Election Interference as defined?

I still can’t see where putting yourself in the best light, where hiding your character flaws is somehow a crime…..But if it is, then let us apply that equally, rather than only to Donnie.

Then there’s this: Sen. Fetterman: I’m A Senator And I’m Not Exactly Sure What Trump’s Trials Are About

It’s about election interference, Senator.. We all know it and you should too.


4 thoughts on “So when’s the trial for Joe?

  1. Trump was impeached for trying to with hold money for ukraine. Pedo joe is holding back money and weapons for Israel.

  2. For my friends everything, for my enemies the law. That’s what we are seeing right now from the JustUs Department and the “Legal” (sic) system.

  3. Let’s be fair: In his current state, “Senator” Fetterman doesn’t know what Play-Doh and alphabet blocks are about either.

    What he doesn’t know about is a bar so low even the coven on The Spew could get over it, hurdling.

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