Y’know, it’s funny

The Left Leaning (and Anti Israel/Pro-“palestinian”) media can’t wait to tell us how terrible it is that the Israeli military killed a bunch of aid workers….

Now, lets point out a few things: This was at night, with unlighted vehicles, not daytime. Look like the enemy, get treated like the enemy. You gotta ask what the folks were doing travelling at nigh in an unlighted convoy of vehicles. Odd, that.

Further, do the Media bother to tell us about all the other aid workers killed around the world every year by other militaries? Generally those deaths are ignored. Why is this incident so high profile?


The only reason that these deaths happened at all, along with all the other folks in Gaza, is because the “Palestinians” chose to support Hamas, and to hide them and camouflage them as they coordinated their attack on Oct 7.  The people in Gaza supported those who started this, and they are reaping the rewards for it.

Don’t wanna get stung? don’t kick the hornets nest


7 thoughts on “Y’know, it’s funny

  1. I am sure you will have great excuses when Amerikan troops start greasing Amerikan citizens.

    • American Citizens have not, as of yet, harbored people who massacred civilians, raped and murdered and kidnapped people.

      When you can justify those actions by the Hamas vermin, come on back here. Until then, your argument is crap.

    • Chances are, if “Amerikan troops” are told to start “greasing Amerikan citizens,” the lion’s share of the troops will turn their guns on the ones who give the orders… THAT is how THE MAJORITY of American military members feel. You, FITF? You’ll be hiding behind someone’s leg…

  2. Not Pro Palestine or pro Israel but my understanding is they were traveling a pre-filed approved route with GPS and beacon markers. Their business if they want to play silly games…..

  3. It’s called “friendly fire,” and it happens in ALL wars. In this case, these people won the FAFO Award for choosing to “provide aid” to people who invaded Israel to rape, murder, dismember, burn, and horse-drag civilians… I DO NOT feel sorry for them…

  4. Hamas routinely sets up their terror ships in schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Only a moron would think they don’t make use of sympathetic “aid” workers to facilitate their evil. Odds are at least 90% or better the vehicles and occupants were up to no good.

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