How Joe Biden wins the election

I mean, Covid “helped” last time…..What with all the Mail-In ballots that were manipulated, adjusted and otherwise allowed.

We could expect nothing less this time around….should we?

‘This could be 100 times worse than Covid’: Bird flu warning from scientists who say HALF of infections with H5N1 in people are fatal – as White House says it’s ‘monitoring’ the situation

Battlespace Prep and all that….



4 thoughts on “How Joe Biden wins the election

  1. I guess they will claim all the dead people died of bird flu, not the freedom seed holes in their bodies.

  2. They lost me at “The experts say…”

    Nevertheless, whether the thing is real or contrived, the end result will be the same… Stock up…

  3. A faux pandemic worked for them in 2020. Why wouldn’t they do the same thing this year.

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