Odd coincidence, innit?

BLM is rising in power and activism (and Media coverage!)….funny that, just in time for the election

The rise in protests about black men being shot by cops is rising too,

Gotta stir up them darkies so they’ll vote Democrat“. I’m surprised they aren’t planning on handing out Fried Chikken and watermelon outside of the polling places. Jesus. The worst part is that this tactic with BLM actually works

And the media is helping by sensationalizing every single black dude who gets ventilated for doing something stupid while under arrest. I wonder how many good cops are gonna get crucified and lose their jobs, or even get jail time because of this pogrom?

I guess they feel they gotta do what they gotta do to get enough votes for Slow Joe, they can’t manufacture ALL of them at 4 AM.

8 thoughts on “Odd coincidence, innit?

  1. Yeah , and I just watched a video of a gang of blacks beat a young White girl half to death ,and the monkeys watching were cheering. It’s time.

    • “Time” for what?

      Feel free to spell it out.

      Feel free to post the link to the video too.

      • Time to handle animals that are rabid with the care that they are entitled. And were encountered in groups and feral, they should be treated with deadly force as they clearly are not out for peaceful purposes such as knitting, bowling, nor bridge.

        Feel free to reply how such Amish gentlemen should be treated while they mostly peacefully demonstrate.

        • At least you had the balls to speak your mind.

          So you think you should be Judge and Jury too?

          You wanna start a hunting party? Is that what you are saying?

          • C’mon, boy. Speak up. You started the convo,….make it to the end.

            Neither you nor W,. Wilson have the guts to say what you think, just innuendo.

            I think you both are “Key board Kommando” types.

  2. The video is odd as they lay him out on the grass and there is no blood.
    Where are the bullet holes in the SUV?
    Bathhouse Barry passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012 to give the patina of legality to psyops and propaganda.
    People should pay attention when a Marxist ideologue speaks of a Fundamental Transformation that no one was asking for.

  3. “Nothing in politics happens by accident, ifmit happens you can bet it was planned that way”. Franklin D Roosevelt

    BLM being touted by the media is no accident. The left has a plan, that plan is to facilitate election fraud and they are busy implementing the plan.

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