Gettin’ the DJ Trump treatment

Sp what did Shaun Combs (“Diddy”) do to piss off the Liberals in power?


First they went after him in court, then the raid on his homes,


Now there is an allegation and a suit against his kid,


Not saying there is no merit to the suit, but one has to wonder about the timing. Innit funny that there is all this shit happening all at the same time? Are we supposed to believe that this is all just coincidence?

Kinda like DJT had all that shit come down all at once when he started running for President. Or how all those allegations surfaced just after Bill Cosby spoke out against the Black Lifestyle and Culture….

So what did Diddy do? Did he say something? Piss off the wrong Liberal?

Enquiring minds and all that shit.


5 thoughts on “Gettin’ the DJ Trump treatment

  1. The Long March comrades are in fact a mutiny of deviated preverts and they always use sexual issues to achieve the airbrushing out of photos and unpersoning in their quest to burn it all down by any means necessary.

  2. Sometimes, it just happens.

    It’s sounding like he was up to some Epstein-level crap, and the chickens finally came home to roost.

    • “It’s sounding like he was up to some Epstein-level crap”

      Maybe. And maybe they are dredging up past shit from LONG ago like they did for DJT and the others.

      Sexual accusations from long a go seems to be a pattern with the Left.

      There’s a method to their “Politics of Personal Destruction”
      Plus the overwhelming cop presence stinks of “sending a message”

      • Agencies always preen for the media.

        E.g, LAPD didn’t need 52 black-and-whites to pull OJ over. They used them because they wanted to send a message, while everyone was watching.

        This is no exception.

        If think Coombs turned out to be low-hanging fruit, and they couldn’t resist such easy pickings, especially when they don’t need to.

  3. His former body guard says he had the rooms bugged and had videos of plenty of people doing things that would be trouble if it got out.

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