Forget about the LAW…Only Ideology matters.

To liberals…..

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, of the Supreme Court of the United States, apparently is somewhat ill. She is pushing 70, and liberals fear that she will have to retire during the (apparently now fully presumptive) Trump Presidency..,Leaving an opening that Trup could use to appoint a judge that is not liberal enough for the Democrats…much like what happened last time with Justice Amy Cony Barrett.

Forget that at that level, there should be no “Conservative” nor “Liberal”….there should be only Law. (ideally no judge should ever see anything but Law).  So far we have had a fairly decent court. with the Justices generally taking the Law, the Constitution and plain common sense into their decisions…Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg was, while appointed as a “liberal” ,pretty good at not “Legislating from the Bench”, but rather following that pesky Constitution and Rule of Law.

But now, just to be sure that Joe Biden can nominate a Liberal justice, one that will further the Liberal Agenda that he has pushed so far into our lives, they want Justice Sotomayor to retire. 

I wonder if they will insist that the justice not only be a woman and Liberal, but either openly Gay or Trans as well? ‘Cause we all know that that sort of stuff matters more that the Constitution and the Law, right?


4 thoughts on “Forget about the LAW…Only Ideology matters.

  1. i have given up on the Supreme Court except maybe the one or two good ones

  2. One must wonder if her ego would stand for being forced to retire to satisfy the wishes of the DNC elite. Or will they have to murder her like they murdered Scalia in order to free up a seat on the court before the end of the year.

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