So was Joe lying then, or is he lying now?

So the excuse for suspending new permitting for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export projects back in January, when it took place, was that there was “uncertainty about the security of the supply for domestic use beyond the 2020’s” ….All well and good. A good excuse for stopping the permitting and exports.

Except now, Joe (or his handlers, anyway) has said that he is willing to reverse the ban AS LONG AS HE GETS FURTHER FUNDING FOR UKRAINE.

Interesting, innit? Either he was lying about his reasons then, or he is lying now….or he is willing to sell out the security of the United States energy supply in the future to get funding for Zelensky in the short term. One wonders what sort of kickbacks are promised to Joe, his brother, and his son for this funding made him change his mind about the LNG ban so quickly…..

So which is it…was he lying then, about the reasons, or is it that he no longer needs the lie and is just using it as a bargaining chip.


(as an aside, I have to wonder what exactly Ukraine is using to pressure our President and many members of our Congress to continue to push for additional money to be sent to Ukraine…money that is, essentially, unaccountable…..despite ever increasing opposition by the citizenry of the US….yet they are still considering and pushing for that funding…..what are the incentives?…I mean, they’ve even gotten to Mike Johnson….Is there that much money available in kickbacks? Or are our politicians selling themselves for cheap? )

6 thoughts on “So was Joe lying then, or is he lying now?

  1. To the left EVERYTHING is for sale. Including and ESPECIALLY America. All decisions revolve about more money and more power for the left.

  2. not only the politicians but many of their offspring are sucking up the graft in ukraine. zel has all the goods on them, and the bio labs too. the whole thing is a cia honeypot to control the politicians. always has been, just like iraq/affy.

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