CBS This Morning just admitted that the demographic that is causing all the new rules and curfews in Miami Beach during Spring Break….(and yes, they actually used the term) ….

Black people.

It’s not like we all didn’t know, and if you are surprised by that, (and you are older than 6) then you may be the most clueless person out there.

But for once, a liberal News service has actually admitted where the problem lies. (Of course, they couched it in the “fear of discrimination”),

This is actually a big step, if you think about it. Unless (and until) someone admits the issues….tells the truth, rather than pretending that it is “everybody” causing the crime and social misbehavior, you aren’t gonna fix the issues.


ETA: Aaron points out in comments that the issue is being reported elsewhere too. Perhaps things might actually change when we start addressing behavior of certain groups.


5 thoughts on “Wow..

  1. Hope you recorded it because I am sure that segment will be rewritten so as not to offend the 13%.

  2. I wonder what’s going on in Myrtle Beach these days. Many businesses would close for black bike week. I had to go work on a boat & when I got there it was like a zoo. Turned around & went home.

  3. Wonder which exec at CBS will get tossed under the bus for the faux pas of reportijg the truth.

  4. “…so as not to offend the 13%.”

    And their enablers.

    “ETA: Aaron points out in comments that the issue is being reported elsewhere too.”

    Perhaps what we’re seeing is the Left discarding their pet demographic, which is no longer needed because, first, they seem to be embracing Trump and other Rs and, second, they’re now unnecessary because they’re being replaced by imports.

    Anon 2

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