The “con”

The Con itself was, as any gathering of that kind of people….interesting. It was held in a too-small hotel with not enough meeting spaces, but we, as a group, loudly and boldly took over much of the common area.  (There are few shrinking violets at this sort of gathering).


The fellowship was fun, (some of) the panels were well done, (others were chaired by people who, to be honest, simply could not keep their own, less- well-informed opinions separated from facts)….(and for once in my life I simply smiled and didn’t correct their most obvious mistakes or pointy out when they pontificated upon falsehoods. I did walk away once before I said anything, but for the most part I simply kept my mouth shut…..) …but the good stuff  way outweighed the bad even there.


One nice thing is that there were few liberal nutball types there. There were no men playing at being women, no women playing at being men…or if they were, they were fully immersed and it was done so well no one noticed (we likely wouldn’t care, mind you)…but no one was playing the “I’m a gender whatever look at me!” game. People were very real….like ’em or not, that’s what you got. Which was kinda nice.


The Con was both more, and less, than I expected. Lots of authors, lots of like-minded people, lots of loud talking and LOTS of fun. Fellowship with people of your tribe, even those that you have just met, is always good.