9 to nuthin’

So the Supremes Unanimously agreed that the argument that Donald Trump is ineligible for president because of the 14th Amendment is so much bullshit.


9 to zero. So the Left cannot complain about partisanship.


Just gonna have to swallow the fact that their lies about Jan 6th are so much bullshit, and everyone knows it.

‘Twas a nice try, if somewhat desperate. Shows that they know they don’t have a viable candidate….so they had to resort to chicanery to have a chance rather…..to remove their opponent rather than win by actual policy and leadership.

But being liberals, like women, they won’t accept their loss, won’t admit they are wrong. They’ll just keep whining and trying something else.

4 thoughts on “9 to nuthin’

  1. The ,left has a long history of ignoring laws, rulings and opinions they don’t like. Why would.this time be any different.

  2. Yeah, last night on CNN, I heard one of the people at the table say that three justices had a look on their face that showed the justices were not happy with the result but what could they do.

    They could have dissented, it is rare that a unanimous decision is obtained.

    That table person is living in fantasy world

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