Why bother with Border Security?

When your own government brings ’em over without any security precautions what so ever via airplane? 


You heard that right: The Biden Administration flew illegals (“Newcomers”) from the originating countries directly to the United States.

On your dime.

They flew people, without any vetting, to “undisclosed locations” .

The foolish ones do the whole Migrant Caravan/Border Wall Crossing. The smart ones get FLOWN IN BY THE US GOVERNMENT

Think about that. They are afraid to tell you where the destinations of these people that they are brining in …on Taxpayer money, these hundreds of thousands (but we really don’t know the exact number) of alien persons without a visa, without an application for citizenship even.

The Democrats have been wanting to let millions of non citizens into our country since I was born….and they are succeeding in doing so.

But think about this: Thousands of US CBP and other personnel are following orders and aiding and abetting this crime. They just did what they were told and kept quiet about it. Nearly half a million people that bypassed all that border security, all that vetting, and were helped into the country….secretly. Ask yourself……WHY?


Elon Musk says it is more sinister than that

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  1. Even money these criminal invaders WERE “vetted”. Selected for their propensity towards violence.

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