State of the Union address

One thing you know you can expect from any Democratic President during any Ste of the Union speech are the words “Fair Share” and “Rich”

They are gonna complain that they are not paying enough.

Also, expect “Unfair” and “Disadvantaged” as an excuse for those who made really bad choices in life.

I expect “Corporate Greed” might be uttered at least once.

Any other buzzwords you expect?

7 thoughts on “State of the Union address

  1. So every time they use those phrases; are we supposed to take a shot of bourbon?

    • only if you don’t have to work tomorrow….You’ll likely be hammered pretty quick.

  2. The real question is who will deliver the “speech”. Pedo Joe himself or a stunt double. I’m guessing that who is put on camera will depend on the effectiveness of the drugs they pump into the pedophile. They don’t always work.

  3. My life’s too short to listen to that toilet back up again and again.

    • Oh wow….I’m gonna steal this one and put it on my facepage thingy!!!

  4. It’s Biden.

    So naturally, I expect to hear quite a lot of

    8:5 he stumbles going on or coming off
    7:2 at some point, he stares aimlessly in confusion out at the crowd and gets stuck until the shock-belt jolts him back to the present.

    If he totally face plants, or calls anyone else Mr. President, it’s a Yahtzee!
    Double points if he craps his pants, and you can see it.

    I’m really curious to see if their top doctors have come up with some cocktail to keep him coherent for an hour behind a podium.

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