What is it with Woke Women

(and it seems to be always women who do stupid shit like this)

Overstepping their bounds and making proclamations about shit that they shouldn’t be messing with..(and, of course, making assumptions about shit that they know little about). But the “Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Operations” RimaAnn O. Nelson felt that it should be banned. (With a Name like RimaAnn, is there any doubt?)

(after all, the woman in the photo, Greta Friedman, apparently didn’t mind being kissed)…

(you can read it better in the link above the memo)

She had no authority to ban the photo, no real reason to (except her perception that it was a “Non-consensual act”) ….

And her boss overruled her.

But was she fired? Demoted? Removed from any position of authority? See, that’s the real question. If she her judgement is that poor, should she have any authority at all?