Where I wuz yesterday

8000 ft.


The doc said OK to fly, but not too much. No other exercises for at least another 2 weeks (No CORE stuff, just walking and such). But flying is ok “As long as I don’t over do it” …..But “Overdo” is undefined. so a short trip of 1.1 hours out and 0.8 back.

One Rnav to the FAF.

2 landings…one perfectly on center, good but not as soft and smooth as I like ’em. and one that was smooth as silk but a bit off centerline.

The cruise down was smooth and beautiful though. Broken clouds at 4000 ish feet and clear above. Overcast about 18,000 above that.




Icing on the climb out, but only for a few minutes. We finally got the Cylinder #4 cooling issue solved.

1500 ft per minute with no issues (except costly fuel flow…..) at 140 knots on the climb.

I wasn’t going far enough to make a climb any higher worthwhile, but I think that climb rate should be sustainable until FL22 or so. But cruise at 70% power was 197 knots.

I am thinking we got it dialed in .




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  1. “Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.” Glad you are back.

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