Something to think about:

There are more Customs and Border patrol assets, (Helicopters, Vehicles, and personnel) at the SuperBowl for security currently than there are assigned to the border between Texas and Mexico from Del Rio to El Paso right now….and more than there has ever been in that area at any moment in 2024 so far.

Just let than thought sink in for a moment.

Plus, of course, think about the fact that the salaries and operating costs of those assets are funded by the US government, not the private venue that is hosting the SuperBowl.

Ask yourself why that it also….. there are not enough assets or money for border security but there are assets for the SuperBowl…..



3 thoughts on “Something to think about:

  1. Anyone who hasn’t figured out by now what’s happening, why and who is behind it all is way beyond the ability to be educated about it.

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