This is my shocked face

A study shows that it is likely that the 2020 election would have turned out much differently had the abuse of Mail in Ballots not happened. 

(I know, right, who would have thought?)

At the end of it though, there’s no sense in getting all excited about it. Nothing we can do about the past , we can only go forward and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

If we keep on in the past, then we are no better than the folks with Trump Derangement, really. Can’t fix the past, so just go forward with the lesson and move on.


We could, however hang those responsible for the fraud, but that’s a different discussion…..

5 thoughts on “This is my shocked face

  1. The left never really tried to hide the fraud and they don’t care that anyone paying attention knows about it. That’s because there is NOBODY in a position of power or authority who intends to do a damn thing about it. They are all OWNED by the left. That means the left will cheat this year even MORE than they did in 2020.
    Because there isn’t a damn thing anyone will do about it. We are WAY past the point in time where “voting” can change a damn thing going on.

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