Kinda a fun airplane

So the guy who used to hangar his CIrrus SR22T next to my 340 sold that plane and bought a Cirrus Vision Jet.

He went thought the Cirrus training and then the insurance mandated additional training and just completed it. He wanted to show off his new toy and invited me to go up with him. I did.

Man, that is a tiny airplane. 4 seats (but you can’t fill the seats and the fuel tanks at the same time) but it is a fun airplane. Like a Ferrari or a Bugatti or a superbike, it is of limited usefulness but really fun. Won’t carry much but fast fast fast. Handles really nicely though.

I’m not sure I could find a use for it, but being able to cruise at 320 knots in the high 20’s/low 30’s flight levels would be nice for long trips….if all you want to take is one other person and a shaving kit.

It is, of course, so VERY CIrrus in the interior and instrumentation…..everything integrated and nicely tailored and laid out and ergonomic and ever so easy to operate…..and Jeff flies it The Cirrus Way….. While I only flew it for like 10 minutes or so, It handles like a race car, although the controls get pretty stiff after about 200 knots….. This is an airplane where you taxi to the runway, take off, engage the autopilot and let it fly the plane according to the flight plan you entered until time to land…..I think it takes the fun out of the whole experience.  But that’s me….or maybe it is Sour Grapes since I don’t have the scratch to buy a 3.5 million dollar airplane. But I’d like to be able to carry more than the Vision Jet will….., although I do wish my plane was faster….

It was a fun experience, however, and it was good to let my friend show off his new toy.


4 thoughts on “Kinda a fun airplane

  1. So, jet envy it is? I rather fly in a low and slow tail dragger or by sailplane thank you.

    • nah, not really jet envy. I don’t need one of those.

      It was nice to experience but not what I need nor want.

  2. I’ve always liked low and slow for playing with various livestock, fishing boats, etc. Low and fast could be fun,lol.

  3. Reminiscent of the Speed Check story, most pilots desire more speed. The answer, of course, is two airplanes; one for indian country, say a C-185. The other is a time machine. When 200 kts is slow, it indicates you got it real bad.

    A friend moved up from a turbo P-Baron because it was not fast enough. He got a tricked iyt C-90 King Air.

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