Don’t piss off the old lady

Sometimes they are a force of nature….


So I am at the hospital in the surgeon’s office waiting to get my checkup after my surgery, and there’s this kid in the waiting room making a ruckus and talking smack and shit to his buddy. He’s somewhere between 16 and 20, all acne’d up and a bunch of half assed tats on his head and neck. Pretty much just clowning around, but it was kinda getting on my nerves. I wasn’t the only one either.

Finally this old lady, asked him to quiet down. He did, but only for a few minutes, then he was back to his irritating behavior. I was struggling between “Don’t make a scene in the waiting room” and “teach this little asshole how to behave in public” when the issue was decided without me.

The old lady stood up, pointed a finger at him, and said “Boy, I’m 92 years old and you are starting to make me angry. Being this old, a life sentence isn’t much of an issue for me. Please don’t make me do something we both will regret”.


He looked at her, kinda frightened, and shut his pie hole. I was impressed, actually. Feisty old broad.


She looked at me and winked.

But he was still quiet when I was called into the office 10 minutes later. I don’t know what happened after that….they were both not there when I got out.

2 thoughts on “Don’t piss off the old lady

  1. My late, much beloved, mother in law was like that. I used to say that if she liked you, there was nothing she wouldn’t do for you. If she didn’t like you, there was nothing she wouldn’t do TO you. Fortunately, she liked me. One of the best “Tough Old Broads” EVER.

  2. The Department of Justice says old people do not have to go to jail anymore. That kid’s life was hanging by a thread.

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